Servo Motor | 750W-Flange 130mm

Product description

i-SERVO system is mainly designed for tool changer of CNC machine tool to control the motion of the machinery.
E.g. Autodoor, Tool Magazine, ATC, Turret, and Indexing-Drive.
i-SERVO series servo system provides moderate positioning accuracy and high product reliability solutions.
The products are mainly used in the turret magazine, ATC and splitter machine tool peripherals, positioning control and absolute position detection function.


Product specifications

■ Compact design of Motor and Drive to save installation space and wire cost
■ Provide positioning and the position output to work with different kinds of tool changer
■ Professionally designed for tool changer software. User-oriented with simplified parameters
■ Automatic memorizing functions for setting parameters without battery
■ Easy replacement. Dimensions and signals are compatible with Japanese brand motors
■ Dimensions and signals are compatible with Japan brand motors
■ Competitive price with strong performance
■ Oil and water-proof design (IP65)

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