Separate Servo Motor | 500W-Flange 130mm

Product description

S-SERVO System is mainly designed for tool changer of CNC machine tool to control the motion of the machinery.
E.g. Autodoor, Tool Magazine, ATC, Turret, and Indexing-Drive.


Product specifications

■ Professionally designed for tool changer, auto door software. User-oriented with simplified parameters
■ Customized functions for various demands
■ Built-in OLED display current status with multiple lines
■ Expansion I/O module (8in, 8out) supports up to 255 tools
■ Built-in vibration-proof absolute encoder to enhance the durability
■ Automatic memorizing functions for parameters setting without battery
■ Compatible with Japanese brand motors in dimensions and signals. Easy replacement
■ Competitive price with strong performance
■ IP65. Water and oil-proof

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