Industrial Computer | IPC Series
Product description

With the development of PC-Based controller, CNC controller can now be combined with
CAD / CAM, Network and Process Monitoring Software.
In the foreseeable future, there will be the launch of intelligent CNC machining center.

1. Intelligent Machining:
Controller can recognize the workpiece graphics and plan cutting tools settings for
different machining areas. Various combinations of tool-cutting methods, automatically
remove the residual material, precisely set the cutting parameters of special material,
and schedule with complete machining solutions.

2. Communications:
Communication functions such as voice, text and video images. Production planning
and scheduling system networking to download working orders and processing program.
To observe the trial cutting process on the screen and the processing conditions can
also be mastered through the connection of mobile phone.

3. Smart Productions:
Machine tools can connect to the Internet for troubleshooting in the near future.
Equipped with micro-sensors to monitor errors and automatically compensate or adjust
machine working condition to enhance the accuracy and stability of CNC machines.

Windows-based CNC controller will be upgraded to provide the function on smart
phones to simultaneously connect with CNC machines. In addition to the tool path
simulation, collision prevention simulation test of tool and machine can also be
a smart application through the connections of mobile devices and machine tool.

Product specifications

■ Customized operation panel. Designed for customer needs
■ Collision avoidance system. Increase the accuracy and precision of machine operation
■ Effectively shorten the time for testing cut
■ Significantly reduce the processing time to prepare and enhance the capacity
■ Installed with CCD (Video) to monitor the processing conditions of work pieces
■ Safety design can immediately stop the machine when tool damaged to protect the safety
   of operator
■ Immediately stop the machine while processing to protect the safety of operator when
   the tools break

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