Operation Panel | OP-Ⅴ Customized Operation Panel 2

Product description

New generation of operation panel, combine with a greater variety of choices.
User-friendly design provides more diversity to meet different needs.
Suitable for CNC lathes, milling machines, grinders, or other special models.

Product specifications

■ Modular design provides flexibility for customers to meet various requirements
■ Easy for user to replace, maintain and service
■ Longer key stroke (2mm) for more comfortable key travel
■ Laser legends for long term use. Oil-resistant & Scratch-resistant symbol and text are engraved on front side of key button
■ Key protection cover can be installed in accordance with customer demands
■ Front-disassembly design. Reserved blank key buttons are replaceable
■ Complete panel planning with wiring layout for easy maintenance and time-saving
■ LED two-color design. Back light design (Yellow-Green) and corner light design (Ultra White) enhance the safety of operators
■ 7 key colors (Black, White, Red, Green, Blue, Gray and Brown) for options Provide more choices for regional and functional key button alignment
■ Customized for Special Purpose Machine
■ CE certified

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