Manual Pulse Generator (MPG) | iHDW Type B (Basic)
Product description

The latest generation of Remote MPG. Built-in LCD displays coordination and
functional status. Designed for high level or large CNC machines.

Product specifications

■ Receive messages from CNC control system
■ Meet customers' various demands
■ Display data transferred by PLC digital I/O (serial out simulation) or serial I/O (RS232C)
■ Patented magnetic back cover
■ Optional enable micro switches for application
■ Optional Emergency Stop switch
■ Three types of MPG model for option. Type B, Type L, and Type F
■ Type F offers 6 key switches for different options
■ Multiple output types compatible with different CNC control systems
■ Provide reverse polarity protection
■ Easy to handle
■ Dust & Water proof (IP65)
■ Optimal solution
■ OEM welcome


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