Chuck Position Sensor | JLS Series

Product description

Majorly applied for position of lathes chuck & spindle clamp / unclamp detection , or other non-contact position sensing application.
It can be adjusted by controller to set three measuring-range outputs via external teach-in , to ensure the correctness of detected subject position.

Product specifications

■ Inductance , non-contact detector , high accuracy , stability & linearity
■ Repeated accuracy of position detection is ±100μm
■ Controller displays & sets measuring range (max. four channels)
■ Analog voltage output 0~10V & current output 4~20mA
■ Provide three sensing strokes (20mm , 30mm & 40mm)
■ Detected object of 6 & 12mm for option
■ Light & exquisite sensor , space-saving for mechanism planning

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