Manual Pulse Generator (MPG) | WHDW A~C Series
Product description

WHDW series are designed for double-column milling & large lathe machines.
Functions of home-position & manual-interruption highly increase the operability of machines.
WHDW series solve the interference & surface damage of cabled handy pendants.

Product specifications

■ Blue tooth 4.2 transmission control, Operating distance can reach up to 40 meters.
    Provide stable wireless transmission function.
■ Touch-button design enhances durability & waterproof.
■ OLED display provides high contrast, wide angle & low power consumption.
■ Double screens display battery status & communication quality. Updating MPG latest status.
■ Warning output to machine when communication failure or inadequate power.
■ 2000mA lithium battery for wireless charging.
■ 3-hour charging for 8-hour operation or 24-hour standby.
■ Emergency stop/Enabling switches design strengthens operation safety.
■ Up to 9 axes, x1000 rate, customized modules are available.
■ Digital I/O analog serial signal as data transmission. RS232&RS485 for option.
■ OLED on stand charger, which displays work status.
■ Magnetic rear case with anti-skid rubbers & anti-shedding strap.
■ CE、NCC、FCC、TELEC、SRRC & BT4.2 certificated.

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