Spindle AirBag | Pulse NG Series

Product description

Spindle Air Bag system is mainly used to provide self-diagnostic solutions for metal cutting, robots, and industrial application.
Pulse NG can be used in machining centers, lathes, grinding machines, special machines, multi-station machines, feeders, robots, or other industrial handling systems.

Product specifications

■ Pulse NG can rapidly detect the impact and immediately respond within 1/1000 seconds to reduce the loss after the collision
■ IBU processor is capable of storing up to 4400 records and 64 images (5 seconds before and after the collision occurred)
■ Early prediction the wear or damage of mechanical parts to reduce machine maintenance costs
■ AirBag system offers 8 options to enable the different monitoring upon requirements
■ 3-Axis sensor with built-in temperature sensor can detect 0 ~ 70 degrees
■ Extend machine life-cycle and improve processing quality
■ Reduce downtime and increase utilization of machine

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