12 December 2022
New Arrival
New Arrival ‧ REVO-M Series Smart Energy-saving Tapping Machine




■ Energy-saving design of high efficient & noiseless direct drive spindle , which differs from continuous consumption of traditional tapping machine spindle
■ Digital settings of tapping depths and tool spec , automatically corresponds to spindle speed and protects torque
■ Monitoring & protection function , to attain real-time torque control , automatic feed / retrieve & alarm as exceeding protection value
■ Thread machining :M4 series :M0.5~M4 ; M6 series :M0.8~M6
■ ±0.1mm high precision , applicable to micro thread , blind hole processing or patrol
■ Reminder of reaching quantity & counting function , networking multiple machines to work with visualization system of production management
■ Optional auto continuous tapping kits for automatic mass production
■ 4.3”TFT colorful touchscreen displays processing data & machine setting parameters

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